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Perovskite with knopite from Africanda (XPL, Nx)


Main topics of my research:

TTG Granitogneissess from the old Archean craton in NE Fennoscandia

BiF iron quartzite formation in the Oleniegorsk

PGE Layered Paleoproterozoic intrusion in the NE Fennoscandia

Paleoproterozoic collision zone (granulite belts).

REE Alkaline intrusion in Murmansk District: Khibina, Lovoziero, Africanda etc.

Neogene silicite sandstones in Lublinland

Environmental study of the Kola region and SW Poland.

Environment of plaster analysis in Poland and Kola Region

Mineralogy and environmental study of the slags.

And others…


Didactic materials on the UMCS and AGH websites.



International conferences Bio-Geo, Dating of Minerals and Roccks 



Books of minerals and rocks.