Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania medal za wynalazczosc

Medal of Invention award




June 2018 receiving two bronze medals at the International Fair of Inventions in Katowice for inventions: Table for placing samples in the electron microscope No. W.67833 and Table for testing CL-SEM, W.123229



List of my inventions:

Miłosz Huber, 2012, Laboratory Mortar W.122155.

Miłosz Huber, 2012, Sample cassette for optical microscope W.121457.

Miłosz Huber, 2012, "Table for placing samples in an electron microscope" No. W.67833

Miłosz Huber, Łukasz Bober, 2014, Table for CL-SEM research, W.123229.

Miłosz Huber, Olga Yakovleva, 2014, Flood cans collection, W. 123207.

Miłosz Huber, 2016 "Magnetic Microscope", in 124237

Miłosz Huber, 2016, Instrument for testing the surface structure W.123229

• Miłosz Huber ,, 2016 "Container for collecting and storing samples of powdery rocks",     W.123207

Miłosz Huber, 2016 "Table for an electron microscope", w.1223229

Miłosz Huber, 2016, Attachment for scanning electron microscope, p.419253

Miłosz Huber, Michał Dulniak, 2017, Sensor cassette (notification).

Miłosz Huber, 2018 Laboratory Mortar, p. 231742


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